Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Another high-end Ravenswood home in the works near Winnemac Park, needs zoning reclassification

2215 W Winona, a brick two-flat property, was purchased as a foreclosure for $390,000 July of this year.  

A public notice adorns the door of 2215 W Winona.  The two-flat building was recently sold as a foreclosure for $390,000 and needs extensive repairs.  The new owners will gut rehab and add a third level making another high-end home for the neighborhood.

 A public notice was recently sent to the neighbors surrounding the the building requesting a zoning reclassification from RS3 to RT4 for the purpose of converting to a single family house and adding a third story. 

My opinion is the third story won't make much of an impact on the street.  The building is on the alley with a taller condo building on the east.  The shorter bungalows to the west are already shaded by the two-flat.  I don't believe the third story makes much a difference. 

Just a few doors down to the west of 2215 W Winona (photo above) is a full second story addition on top of one of the bungalows.  Pictured below is a newer construction house directly across the street.  There are a few two and three flat buildings at the end of the block on the north side of the street.

The 2200 block of West Winona is a great block with wide and long lots.  The block is adjacent to Winnemac Park.  The converted single family home will be a great addition to the street and will continue the trend of higher-end houses (and higher home values) around Winnemac Park.

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