Monday, November 18, 2013

Houses near North Shore Channel Trails in Skokie and Evanston

We've been in Skokie and Evanston again looking for both rental and for-sale houses for clients.  Skokie and Evanston are nice options for clients who work in the northern part of Chicago (Northeastern Illinois University for example) or for one of the many institutions along the North Shore. We have several current clients who work at Evanston Hospital and Northwestern University. 

9344 Bennett in Evanston was a short sale that closed in May of this year for $180,000.  It has been fixed up and re-listed... now on the market for $375,000.  It's a nice value for a newly remodeled home with good space and a great yard.  The house is located across the street from Gorrell Park and the North Shore Channel Trails. (Photo Bob DePalma, Real Estate Broker)

There is a nice variety of homes and price points hugging the unique North Shore Channel Trails and Skokie Northshore Sculpture Park.  In this case, we were focusing on homes priced under $400,000 for sale and looking for a rental single family home for under $2,100.

There has been a ton of single family home sales activity within a few blocks of the North Shore Channel Trail.  The prices can be as little as under $100,000 (!) in pockets east of the channel to well over $1 million close by in parts of Evanston.

You can find many three bedrooms split levels and "A Frame" homes surrounded by great trees.

Please contact us to look for home options in Evanston and Skokie.

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