Friday, November 08, 2013

Will another Ravenswood bungalow bite the dust?

We just wrote about a bungalow we sold at 2236 W Carmen that has been mostly torn down for development. On Tuesday 2224 W Carmen pictured here was listed for sale for $389,000 (not my listing). The home will most certainly be bought for gut renovation and possibly tear down... unless the seller chooses a buyer that wants to preserve the exterior. It's very possible a "move-in" homeowner will buy the home to gut rehab and dormer rather than tear down.  We'll see.
2224 W Carmen (Photo Eric Rojas, Real Estate Broker)
This has been a significant year for new construction houses and total renovations around Winnemac Park.  There are many.  However, these bungalow redevelopments represent the biggest changes.  For the duration the exteriors as a whole have remained intact even if the homes were renovated with dormers or full second floors. The streets remained relatively unified in architecture. 

The area around Winnemac Park from Lawrence to Foster and Western to Ravenswood has seen a lot of new construction and total gut renovation houses this past couple years.

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