Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Few new single family home listings in North Side hoods, almost none under $500,000

Our single family home buying clients are watching the new listings aggressively.  NEW listings on the MLS (within 7 days) are rare in the popular Community Areas of Uptown, Lincoln Square, North Center, Lakeview and Lincoln Park.  In these five large and dynamic neighborhoods today only 14 homes are listed as NEW (and some of those are on their second time around at a new price).
This renovation at 5145 N Oakley in Lincoln Square is one of the few new listings in our busiest five North Side markets.  The asking price is $825,000 and it should sell quickly (not our listing, photo Eric Rojas, Real Estate Broker).
Of the 14 homes listed as NEW only one house is listed under $500,000.

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