Sunday, November 17, 2013

Rare modern new construction, new rehabs coming on Berwyn of Bowmanville

The modern new construction home on the right at 1814 W Berwyn was sold early this year for $631,933.  The vacant lot was sold in 2012 for $165,000.  The house is a "smart tech" model that the developer has built many times around the city. It's rare to see modern design in Bowmanville and greater Lincoln Square and Edgewater.
The new construction house next door to the west is more typical for the neighborhood.  1816 W Berwyn was sold for a ridiculous price of $190,500 as a foreclosure in September 2012.  There is no re-sale information for the new home yet, so, it may be a private owner build.

This small two- across the street at 1815 W Berwyn was just sold for $290,000. The home is on a 25x126 lot and will most likely be a large gut renovation or tear down to build new.  Land prices have gone up a great deal in Bowmanville over the past 12 months.

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