Thursday, July 24, 2008

Architectural Artifacts: Another Ravenswood Chicago Find

Jill and I were riding bikes home from a Cubs game a couple weekends ago and ran into this guy.

He greeted us at Architectural Artifacts at 4325 N Ravenswood.

Check out the warehouse as you walk in. The facility, with it's many indoor and outdoor areas, may be rented out for events.

I've always talked about how I would like to live on North Ravenswood Ave. It's still mostly an eclectic mix of businesses from 4200 N to 4800 N. But, from Lawrence to Peterson (4800n to 6000) there are some pretty cool loft buildings and single family homes. Most of the west side of North Ravenswood Ave. North of Lawrence is a garden.

It's a great area to discover. Email me if you need a hand.

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