Thursday, July 24, 2008

Lincoln Park Bit By Starbucks Bug

Unceremoniously, this Starbucks at Lincoln Avenue and Altgeld in Lincoln Park closed over a month ago… before the big closing news broke nationally. Of course, in Chicago most of us yawned at the closings… we can stand anywhere on the North Side and throw a rock and hit a Starbucks. That is of course after the rock bounces off a Realtor's head first.

I’ve visited this location often for coffee over the past several years…with clients, after dropping my wife off at work or when just passing by. In fact, I’ve shown condos in the building in which it was housed. Nice one and two bedroom units in a great spot. The last updated one bedroom unit sold for $342,000 with garage parking in March. Try to get the Altgeld side... unless you like to look over the bar and Trixie action along Lincoln Avenue.

On this day, while waiting for a tow truck to pick up my “broke down” Mazda 6 for warranty work, I could have used this Starbucks. I brought a book just in case.

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