Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Chicago Bugalow, Cub Fan, Bud Man in Ravenswood Manor

I was walking Ryne this morning near one of my listings and I spotted this Cub fan flying the "W" on the 4700 block of North Sacramento in Ravenswood Manor. This is a great looking, if not typical, brick Chicago Bungalow.

From the 4400 block of North Sacramento to the 4800 block north, there have been only three single family home sales recorded in the last two years... none of these in the last year. Closing prices ranged from $490,000 for a smaller bugalow to $635,000 for larger American Four Squares.

This house pictured above is probably in the mid $500,000 range or so; depending on if the interior matches the quality of the exterior.

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