Thursday, July 31, 2008

Curious New Construction in West Andersonville

We saw this structure going up on West Berwyn just east of North Ravenswood Avenue. I think it will be front and back duplex units.... or it could be four siplex units. There is a structure in the rear lot too. It may be a small townhome development as well. I got a pretty good look, but I'm not sure what these will be.

This area between West Foster and Peterson and west of North Ashland Avenue has little new construction. There are some newer 3 and 6 flat buildings spotted here and there and single family homes along Ravenswood... but not alot compared to many other north side neighborhoods. This structure stands out more than most amongst its neighbors.

There are definately some single family homes around here that need to go. Many are odd frame and siding houses. But you'd expect a colonial or American Four Square to replace it among all the original homes and two-flats.


Anonymous said...

From what we've been hearing in the neighborhood it is actually 1 or 2 gigantic single family homes

Eric Rojas said...

Thanks Curtis,

I would guess one single family home over my town home theory. It has a rear structure what must be an elaborate garage... they will have a courtyard feeling in the middle of the lot. It may be two row-homes as well, which would make sense.

I guess I could find this out with a few phone calls to the alderman... but I'd rather speculate!