Sunday, July 13, 2008

Ravenswood Storm Damages Trees And My Beloved Truck

Good morning indeed.

Friday night’s thunderstorms cut down a couple trees on West Argyle St., just one building over from our home. The family truckster was hit. Early Saturday morning, I pulled out of our parking space in my car and saw city trucks cutting and clearing branches from the street. I knew some cars must have gotten hit my falling branches.

It was not until after 9:00AM when my wife called and said our truck was damaged on that block. See, she had parked there late last evening. Some of the surrounding cars were totaled and ours sustained a few dents, a broken antenna and a broken mirror. Poor truck.

Last year, I was caught in Roscoe Village when the micro-burst, or whatever the hell that thing was, caused extensive damage on the North Side and North Shore a moments time. My neighborhood of Ravenswood was not affected by that storm, but many pockets on the North Side were hit hard by falling trees. These two incidents are hitting a little to close to home for me.

Now, my wife must drive our war weary SUV through the mean streets of Chicago. Battle scars.

The shame of it all is our block lost two mature trees.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, you can thank global warming for these severe storms...oh wait, Republicans do yet admit that global warming exists...