Sunday, July 13, 2008

Albany Park Via Ravenswood Manor

I rode my bike west down West Wilson Avenue over to a showing for my Albany Park listing. I can ride from the intersection of Lawrence and Damen to 3303 W Ainslie in about 10 minutes... beats driving. The Wilson Ave. Corridor, as I coined it last year, runs though one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Chicago; Ravenswood Manor. Above is a shot of the North Branch of the Chicago River river looking south.

Here's a house at Rockwell Crossing... and small little retail strip tucked into the neighborhood. It's home of the Rockwell CTA Brown Line stop, Rockwell's, Bloom Yoga, Beans and Bgaels etc...

This is rare. A new construction single family home being built at the 2800 block of West Wilson.

Passing into Albany Park, I hit the Starbucks at the corner of Wilson and Kedzie. This is steps from the Kedzie CTA Brown Line stop.


Anonymous said...

i've lived in the Manor for 6 years now and am shocked at how many people see it as a 'destination' area. it is quite beautiful and quiet for the most part, but i'm just surprised that many more don't know that it exists. for my family, it was more proof that you don't have to move to the suburbs for a quality life in the city.

Eric Rojas said...

When my wife and I lived in Albany Park, we walked down Wilson and hit the little spots near the Francisco Brown Line and the Rockwell station on our way to Lincoln Square... we'd make a day of it, just walking through the neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

YoChicago has a Ravenswood Manor photo album at Flickr.

The park in Ravenswood Manor is one of the liveliest I've seen in the city, with tons of kids and parents out enjoying it.

My take: one of the most livable neighborhoods in Chicago.