Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Condo Shopping Gold Coast: 900 North Lake Shore Drive

My clients and I were out looking at Gold Coast condos under $300,000. This meant a stop at 900 N Lake Shore Drive, one of the 1955 Ludwig Mies van der Rohe designed buildings. Named the Esplanade Apartments, the units do not have "load bearing" walls... which allows owners to re-configure the units to their needs.

According to the MRED/MLS listing service, there are only about 13 listed units for sale out of a total of 524. Prices range from $289K for a large one bedroom we looked at to $1,139,000 for a 2900 sq/ft three bedroom plus den, three bath.
Here's a shot looking west at about 9:00AM last Sunday morning. The lake is to my back. Check out the link above for some interesting photos and a little history of the buildings.

I would love a tour of homes in these buildings in which the Mies enthusiasts (and the style minded) do their best to preserve the intergrity of the design. Lots of clean lines, mixed woods, buit-ins, secionals... steel and glass.

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