Sunday, August 03, 2008

New Construction in Lincoln Square

The Fountain View development at Giddings's Square in the Lincoln Square neighborhood is shaping up pretty well. The above is a shot of the southeast corner. Larger windows are the stand-out feature for the corner units over the Square.

The project is a big deal and very high profile. One of the pricier per square foot in the area. Giddings Square is packed with people all week through the good weather months... and special events are popular in the winter too. Fountain View has really changed the landscape for this wonderful retail and restaurant pedestrian friendly district. I'm not sure how many locals are happy with the scale and design of the project. It's better than the dumpy, strip-mall-like retail buildings they torn down. But, it's a bit menacing too.

For today's Chicago new construction standards, the development looks pretty good. Definitely a little boring...but the materials and craftsmanship look better than average. However, for a real Square with both old world and youthful appeal... this was another missed opportunity to do something very special, architecturally speaking.

I'll have some updated shots with better context concerning the location in the next day or so.


Anonymous said...

You fail to mention that this project includes underground parking and is a green building (developer is claiming LEED Silver registration). That's a very big feat for any development and have yet to see anything comparable in any neighborhood of Chicago. I live in Lincoln Square and would rather look at this building any day over a more architecturally prominent building with parking off the plaza or built with the same old energy inefficient techniques and materials.

Eric Rojas said...

These are good points, but I wonder if "Anonymous" here has a horse in this race?