Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Development and Improvements in Ravenswood: Lawrence and Damen

The Ravesnwood neighborhood has seen plenty of quality condo conversions, new construction homes, renovated single family homes and new business over the past 10 to 15 years. But the corner of Damen and Lawrence has remained a bit of an eye sore. It's busy and a bit crusty compared to the lush, serene tree-lined surroundings.

However, two major condo developments started to change the corner over the last 4 years. The 4814 N Damen building pictured above on the northwest corner is a terrific 30 something unit elevator building with some very nice layouts. It's been a successful addition to the neighborhood and houses a CVS drug store... which is super convenient (especially to us parents). More recently, the 4815 N Damen 9 unit condo building just in from the corner extended the row of new construction on the east side of Damen.

At the southeast corner pictured above, a pretty solid and now established T-Mobile store took the place of a run down, hanger-on bar. This completely improved the busy intersection in one swoop. Below is a look at the new masonry work being completed to the retail building. It will look great when finished. They renovated the second level as well. I’m curious to know how the space will be used. Apartments? New Business?

On the northeast corner, a dumpy convenient store was cleared out and renovations have been taking place. Just a few steps north from this corner, a new food establishment is going in the site of a former small coffee shop.

On the southwest corner is the existing senior facility run by the Chicago Department of Senior Services. It’s a pretty nice activity center with much needed landscaping beautifying the corner.

It’s tough to make any corner on the four lane West Lawrence Avenue shine. But this corner is well on it’s way to anchoring an already high quality neighborhood.

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