Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Speaking of New Conversion Condos in Ravenswood...

It is surprising that this conversion condo project has not moved along. The market is strong for this kind of project in Ravenswood. Recently on the same block,
a three bedrooms, three bathrooms duplex down in a converted three flat building re-sold quickly for $459,000. It was pretty big…but the layout was not that great. However, it was only a three year old condo conversion and had two car parking, great deck and a nice little fenced yard.

Earlier this year, two other conversion duplex downs on the street sold for
$500,000 and $545,000. The latter selling in less than 20 days.

This may be a developer running out of money... or maybe a violation haulted the renovation. There are no signs indicating any official action. Another curious project I'd like to ask about from Alderman Schulter's office.

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