Monday, August 18, 2008

A Sunday in Ravenswood: The Raven

We did make The Raven Sunday at Chase Park. At about 3:30 or so to the closing act, the crowd was very manageable. It was awesome to have an actual field for the kids.

First stop was the KidzNest for some song and dance.

Next was the moon jumps.

Pony rides...

Ryne went home with mom and left me with The M's and friends. They were really good.

The food, beer and bands were set up along Clark Street between the east side of Chase Park and residential condos on the west side of the street. There has been a huge boon in residential condo development running from about Montrose to Foster, with new buildings still coming. With many new residents, an improved park and new retail, this stretch in Ravenswood has really become desirable.

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