Friday, August 22, 2008

Realtors on Bikes: A New Movement in Chicago?

My friend Yokota over at Cyclelicious sent me a Wall Street Journal story by Nancy Keates describing how Realtors around the country are taking clients on homes tours... by bike. I wish I had the peaceful environment of Colorado and Oregon! They did talk to an agent in New York City... that guy has it all over on me.

I was also interviewed this week by the Associated Press concerning riding as a Realtor. One point I brought up is that it's hard to be different and some clients may not want me to show up to their listings on my bike. One tends to dress more casual for example. For the most part, client's are supportive and like that I will ride over to show their homes on very short notice.

Look forward to a separate section in my side bar for Chicago cycling information and related links.

Thanks Cyclicious for the support and watch for the AP story soon!

Photo I took from the 1st Chicago Criterium race held in down town... not a house tour on bikes.

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Yokota Fritz said...

I'll look for the AP story! I also updated my post to mention your post here.