Friday, December 04, 2009

Chicago Tribune interviews me on House Hunter's appearance

Staged or the real deal?
I appeared in the Chicago Tribune today in an article about HGTV's House Hunters. I came off a little negative in the story... however, the point was accurate: This particular show is fun for looking at real estate and not a documentary on home buying.

My House Hunter's show is set to air this Thursday, December 10th at 8PM Central Time on cable's HGTV.I had a good time filming and my clients Kurt and Kelly were really good sports. It's a lot of work... I acted as producer on the ground... coordinating showings, paperwork, and filming dates. Not to mention while all this was going on, we were looking for, and negotiating, a condo purchase. The buyers had to dedicate time to filming on 5 different days.

I love watching House Hunters and House Hunters International. Sometimes with family members in town we all crash on the couch and watch a couple hours of episodes. It's been fun being on the "inside". Hope people enjoy our episode!

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