Monday, December 21, 2009

Staging helps sell empty Southport Corridor duplex fast

We had a large, empty outdated duplex... and a $5,000 budget.

We were able to paint the entire home, bring in furniture and make small repairs that helped sell 3616 N Janssen #1N for $552,500 after a couple months on the market.

My partner and I really stress doing everything possible to present a property at it's best. We have to help clients make very tough decisions and advise where to put a very finite commodity; money. Will the money spent and decisions made pay-off in a faster sale for top dollar? What we do know -in most cases- something HAS to be done.

Here's a few before and afters from a 2000 square foot Southport Corridor condo we just sold after a couple months on the market. The home was built in 1995 and the finishes were mostly original. So, the rest of the home would have to look and feel brand new to attract today's buyer. We didn't have a ton of resources...

The living room ceilings were 20ft high and the whole home needed painting. We knocked out the full listing preparation and staging in a weeks time.

We take great care in devising a complete plan for preparing, listing and showing the property. Then we work hard to implement it.


michael messinger said...

Would love to know the breakdown of how that budget was spent and what concessions were made.

i.e. We agreed to purchase the bedroom furniture, but borrowed the kitchen table to save on costs.

Eric Rojas said...

Normally, I stay away from what we do as a service on the blog... but I want to point more of these things out this year.

The home was vacant and owners out-of-state. The owners had a couple kids...lots of colors on the walls and dings, etc... In each situation, we draw on our personal and professional resources to get the best result. In this case, we were able to professionally paint and make repairs for about $4000. We then bought in furniture and accessories. My partner and I run the whole project from contractors, colors, furniture etc... We have the most to gain and reputation to lose, so we like to get the biggest impact for as little money invested for the client. Every client is different. Some can do many things we suggest themselves. Some need contractors and some muscle. I've literally physically moved furniture out and painted to get the job done.