Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Mortgage interest rate are low...Merry Christmas

December is for my family... a sprint. December is not the time most families are thinking about mortgage rates or buying a home. Well, mortgage rates are low and sellers are trying to catch this wave of positive home sale numbers (units, not prices anyway).

The one thing you can time in the housing market is a low interest rate. If you are going to look for a home in January or holding off on a re-finance "until after the holidays", maybe you should take notice now of low interest rates can be on any given day.

It's tough in December...I mean; shoveling, running the business, a billion kid, family and work parties, shoveling again, kids, gift shopping, holiday cards, kids, and now I have to go shovel ice... I'm slammed over here. But I think saving money on a house is just as important and you should take advantage of the current lending and house price conditions aggressively.

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