Monday, December 21, 2009

Ravenswood Bistro?

Finally posting on the "new" Ravenswood Grill, American Bistro located at Lawrence and Damen in Ravenswood. I live just north of here and the corner has come a long way over the years in this now relatively expensive area.

Has anyone been here with the new owners? The menu looks great but the decor is very tired. It's hard to get in the mood for a good meal in the old maroon booths. I saw a few young couples in the place on Sunday afternoon.

This northern side of Ravenswood has a lot of conveniences within walking distance. The corner of Lawrence and Damen itself has a very appreciated CVS drug store, Georges' Deli for meats and cheeses, Radio Shack (great when you lose your phone charger or lap top chord), T-Mobile store, a Sears store and other small restaurants. It's two blocks from the CTA Damen Brown Line stop.

I'd like to try this place out soon. Hopefully it can follow in the footsteps of the widely popular Mixteco Grill which has a pretty austere decor and busy location at Ashland and Montrose.

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Anonymous said...

you should try it---it's actually very pleasant inside and has good breakfasts although I haven't tried dinner yet