Monday, December 28, 2009

Gene's Sausage Shop... one more reason to live in Lincoln Square

The immediate days after Christmas and the New Year are truly my favorite times to walk around Lincoln Square. My clients don't want to hear from me and there is still a festive, but less frenzied, atmosphere in this urban oasis we call home.

This past weekend my wife and I were on a mission to find pierogi for a family party we are having New Year's Day. Luckily, the new Gene's Sausage Shop is only a twelve minute walk from our house (I can do it with the kids in the stroller in twelve at a brisk walking pace... I timed it).

Gene's fills a gap for us for fresh deli and produce foods between major stock-up trips to the major chains. I could live on just shopping here (outside of paper products).

A look down at the deli counter

"Turn around cow!"

This attractive European grocer really completes a near perfect city living experience along the main commercial strip on North Lincoln Avenue running southeast from North Western Avenue. Groceries, movie theatre, cafes, low and high-end quality restaurants, parks, trains, books, music and a public square... nice.

Yes, we found the pierogi we'll order.


Joe Zekas said...

I want to read more about the pierogi. Stuffing? Size? Freshness?

Megan Phillips said...

This makes me miss the neighborhood. I'm glad something replaced Meyers.

Victoria said...

The pierogi come with sweet (fruit-filled) or savory fillings (such as potato, cheese, meat, sauerkraut). They are very fresh (made on site) and as for size, I would describe them as "2 bites sized." Gene's also sells mushroom-filled dumplings (which kinda look like tortellini). We are currently working our way through all the deli offerings!