Wednesday, August 30, 2006

CTA Brown Line Expansion Resources

I attended a terrific meeting yesterday concerning the CTA Brown Line expansion. These community meetings are held each month and outline the progress, future and community/business issues surrounding the expansion project.

On a personal note, I enjoyed the presentation and the chance to speak with local business owners and Aldermans Tunney, Schulter and Vi Daley. Of course, for some reason Laurino's office was not represented... even though the Kimball line will be shut down for 4 months. Hello?

The focus of the meetings is business centric. Local businesses are encouraged to keep in touch with the CTA and the Aldermans' offices. There are many resources offered to local businesses at these meetings... and yes, even a legitimate opportunity to network. I met some great folks and will attend a couple of upcoming events that I learned about.

Below are a couple resources that are a must if you are interested and concerned about the Brown Line expansion project and your business.

Countdown to a New Brwon Line

Chicagoland Entreprenurial Center

Hang in there... it'll all be done in 2009.

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