Friday, August 25, 2006

Diversey Brown Line to SHUT DOWN!

Maybe you have heard... actually, I'm surprised by how many regular riders on this stop have not. The Diversey Brown Line stop will be closed for ten long months starting in November. Yikes.

I was given this update by the Lincoln Park Chamber of Commerce due to my office location. I'll be attending a seminar on the upcoming disturbance... hit the link above for more info.

I live near the Kimball stop and work at the Diversey stop... both will be down at the same time. Natch!

Even though I am dependent on my car for most business, I ride the "L" quite a bit... especially for closings Downtown. These trials and tribulations will make me stronger and more innovative... right?


Anonymous said...

Of all the things that suck in the world right now, this is by far the suckiest.

Eric Rojas said...

Yes, yes...

However, our brokerage will receive some advertising assistance for the lack of foot traffic. That stretch of Diversey (between Halsted and Sheffield) will remain busy of course. But we get masses of people passing by our window and looking at our listings each morning and afternoon train rush.

The Einstein Bagel is opening agin... that is news that doesn't suck.