Monday, August 28, 2006

Open House Stories

I work quite a bit of open houses for two reasons; I will meet buyer clients in the need of representation for their home purchase and the home is exposed to potential buyers... and I find potential buyers for my clients' listings when hosting an associate's open house.

Meeting clients in this setting is not for the faint of heart. You NEVER know who will walk in. But how else will legitimate clients and I meet?

This weekend was typical however; seemly serious home buyers want to see the goods, but are tight lipped about what they are looking for. Most folks are pleasant... but sometimes the consumers are rude, condescending, and have some sense of entitlement. But let’s think about this. Holding an open house is a huge investment for me. In addition to the responsibility of caring for ones home, I’m licensed and regulated by the state and held to a code of ethics by my professional associations. It’s actually quite a production to open a home to the public when done the right way… and a crucial time commitment.

What am I saying? Open houses are not a constitutional right… they are a privilege provided to the consumer. Consumer's get to see a home for various personal reasons, fire questions at me, comp their current homes, and get a better sense of the market and the buying process.

So why the attitude? And, why are so many consumers so afraid to discuss what they are looking for and what they think of the home they just came in to?

I think it's perception. They perceive me as a confrontational figure. So let's clear some things up. I work on a daily basis to broker real estate transactions for buyers and sellers. On the buy side I provide research, current market trends, schedule listing appointments, provide expert lenders, inspectors and attorneys (that get the job done time after time), consult on property location and condition, schedule showings and transaction milestones efficiently (a huge logistics and legal challenge), write and negotiate the contract, and manage the partners in the real estate transaction.

This is all at no cost to the consumer because I’m paid by the seller’s proceeds (who need me to meet buyer’s like you so you’re prepared when the right place comes).

If you are at loss organizing your purchase, clueless about how buying property works, out- of -town, out- of- time or just want eyes and ears looking out for you… then I might be your guy.

But even if you will not work with a buyers’ agent… just drop the attitude at the open house. I promise I won’t have an attitude with you. But I will ask you questions and ask for your business... so don't be surprised when you may like the information I can provide you. Just benefit from my expertise and track record for representing clients.

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