Friday, August 11, 2006

Is anybody out there?

Yes the market is slowing down around the country. But what does that have to do with you? Ask yourself why you are buying a place. If the answers are the same as they would be in any market (answers should constitute buying for the right reasons**) than why is now different than some other time?

The title suggests that folks are not out there buying. This is not the case in Chicago. Sales have slowed, but consumers are just taking there time to sift through all that is on the market. When we started the year, the Multiple Listing Service for Northern Illinois had about 45,000 properties listed on it... it now has over 100,000!

However, there is a growing gap between what you should buy and what you shouldn't buy in Chicago. I like to think I can help people with this decision. But when I ask if there is anybody out there, I'm referring to Internet shoppers and communication.

Studies show that the vast majority consumers of real estate start their search on the Internet. Studies also show those who start their search on the Internet turn to a real estate professional to ultimately shop and close their transaction. And studies show (I promise I will not say "studies" again) that Internet consumers who used a real estate professional, did so due to that professional's ability to respond quickly.

So, Internet consumer... I'm talking to you. When I write you directly after your registration on my web site... or when you check out my blog... or when you look at the custom listings and off market properties I send you...
Why don't you have a conversation with me and really discuss what's out there, what your goals are, and how we can assure up- to -date listings and a smooth as possible real estate transaction for you?

Is anybody out there?

**The right reasons to buy a place can include; Paying yourself rather than your landlord. Owning a place with windows that actually keep the cold out in the winter. Pride of ownership and roots in a neighborhood. Build equity (it really happends). Benefit from improvements to the property. Feel cool because your in a new, adult like club... which you are!

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