Sunday, August 27, 2006

Meeting me at an open house

Catch me at my open house today at 4518 N Ashland from 1PM to 4PM. My patner and I will be there to show a great two bed, two bath condo and answer questions about the current market.

I sat another open house yesterday at 1365 N Mohawk. It's a great feeling to have real consumers in this market come up and ask questions. I think people really want a get a place for many different reasons, but are having a hard time committing in this market. They are bombed with information... it's like if I had the media reporting on my health insurance options every day, on all networks, 24/7. I'd go nuts... how to choose?

Believe it or not, I sometimes offer options consumers have not thought of. It's a pretty cool moment when their eyes light up when I mention a building or type of property that would work for them. Mostly, I just address their needs directly and work hard towards them. Simple as that.

The point is, I meet many of my clients this way. As a buyer's agent, meeting clients at the open house is key... but it's tough. I'm sincere about representing buyers and have the track record to prove it. Yet, how do you get this across to a suspicious consumer?

Just ask me a few questions... I think you'll be pleased. An I might even have a listing you will want to buy.

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