Tuesday, August 15, 2006

CTA Brown Line Openings

I've mentioned the CTA trains and buses a few times in this blog. However, I started this blog up after the Brown Line expansion planning, and requisite controversy had played out. Probably a good thing because there were plenty of outlets to complain already.

We are now seeing the initial results as the Kedzie and Rockwell stations open up on the north side of Chicago (Albany Park and Ravenswood Manor neighborhoods).

The work has been slow and the commutes even slower at times. But this is mostly due to the agreement to keep certain stations running during construction. Like many pieces of legislation and so many compromises, this has made for a watered down policy…and a long drawn out process.

But check out the new expanded stations with improved weather shelters. The trains will accommodate extra cars per pick up… so there may be one less forearm and two less elbows stuck in your face as you are delayed between Armitage and the Merchandise Mart.

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