Friday, December 29, 2006

Albany Park weighs in on Hussein hanging

Albany Park, here at Lawrence and Kedzie, doesn't make the news too often... usually a building collapses or a dictator is hanged... normal stuff. But the local news was all a flutter, staking out the Iraqi restaurant Mataam Al-Mataam for some immediate local reaction.

I'm glad to say that the patrons of this Middle Eastern haunt for the undergound foodie and native Iraqi were as classy as it gets. CBS aired a little celebration in Dearborne, Michigan, but Iraqi citizens of Chicago gave some perspective on the hanging for the news audience instead.

Amazing... just down the street you can hang with these guys and get a history lesson for one of the hottest spots in international debate and turmoil. Kudos to CBS for seeking out some intelligent commentary on a subject... I expected the local news channels to screw this one up by seeking out a nutcase for a sound bite.

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