Thursday, December 07, 2006

Roundup: Stories that will effect the value of your real estate

It's been nuts at the Chicago Real estate Local. Clients come first, then the wife, then... an argument with the wife :-) But I never miss my morning (early, early morning, mostly til 2 AM) perusing of the Chicago Tribune, Yo Chicago, Rain City Guide, Chicago's Home Weblog, Chicagoist, Inside Chicago Real Estate, The Real Estate of OZ and the many other sites and blogs for the latest...

Valet Confidential
Leave your car with a stranger? It happens every day at restaurants around the city.
Off topic, but...I once swore off valet service... lasted about three months. Did anyone know there is a National Parking Association? This is one more checklist for you to do with your date right before dinner!

Major redesign is latest twist in plan for spire
Less twisty design. I'll call me when you want to talk pre-sale. All condos... 1,300 of em' with no broadcast tower. How will they get the word to the people? says, "Make Me Move!"
Ardell at Rain City guide tries out a new tool for sellers before the rest of us... thatnks for taking the hit.

New home valuation website enters Chicago market
Inside Chicago Real Estate says forget Zillow, let's try this.

Chicagoist discusses falling ice
Matt Wood wonders about the effectiveness of caution signs downtown. I was just on Michigan Ave. last night... several roped off areas. Of course, I never got out of my car. There's falling ice man!

NYC Beats Chicago to a Fat Ban
Look out Milwaukee... your next.

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