Friday, December 01, 2006

Snowmageddon Chicago 2006: Eh?

There is no better sales pitch for this city than the snow removal. I swear, I'm not in any politicians pocket... and if one more family member gets appointed or politico "retires" so another machine member may be hand picked... it sucks. That said, Snowmageddon was no match for the awesome forces of the Chicago Streets and Sanitation trucks and the avalanche of salt.

I never worry. The suburbs though... get off the roads. The long stretches make for a dangerous, sleet and ice covered drivers education movie nightmare. The city in a snow storm every time.

A walk in Lincoln Square and Ravenswood Manor on a snowy afternoon. I may not paint the picture in words as some, but I highly recommend this experience first hand.

Luckily, I have a 4x4 for such occassions and quite enjoy getting out in the city after a snow storm. Things look and feel different... cityscapes covered in snow are terrific. Here are a couple shots surrounding the T-CREL headquaters. Click on the pics for better detail.

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