Thursday, December 07, 2006

Buyers: Saving the best for first

Last weekend I met a nice married couple at my open house. This is typical for my business... I work open houses 75% of weekends throughout the year to sell my listings and meet new clients face to face.

After showing the several units in our development, we figured this wasn't the price point they were looking in. After getting to know them a little better, I suggested an off-market property available. It was the last unit in the development, but was not on the MLS. The property was actually in an area a little northwest (in Chicago, this can mean a 7 minute drive and people think it's another country) of where they were looking, but I felt it was a great place, very nice location for their needs, most space for the price etc...

So, I asked them if they would like to see the unit along with others more directly located in their most desired area. Let's do it.

The off market unit has been a favorite discovery of mine. I had brought a few clients to it and even my wife. We actually want it, but the timing is bad with a baby on the way and having only lived in our current home for just under two years. But, with many buyer clients, to me, this place was a no brainer to show and sell. An actual deal.

I meet my clients and we head out to my special, most favorite property in the whole- wide -world. They really like it. It's a new conversion, so they may pick a few things out still. Tons of space, cool lay out, good location for their commutes to work... bam! Could be the one.

But you know how this goes... they have not seen a lot of property, and even though their hearts are racing a little, let's get through the evening's showings.

We head to their more desired locations... no hearts racing. Nice, but eh? We see four homes in all.

That evening, at 10:00PM, I get an email to my smart phone... they are asking the real serious questions on how to proceed should they decide on this place. Timing? Our Lease? Price flexibility? Good for them, I say. No problem, we'll get you in a great position to negotiate and make sure you have a terrific experience. You'll have all the facts and all the considerations in front of you. The huge part is over: You can see yourself living in the home!

Moral of the story: Save the best for first. I always want to bring my clients to the best in my mind that fits what they are telling me, right away... sometimes, they don't even know what they are telling me! But then they see the home that they never even thought of... and wham! They love it.

Most deny this feeling... don't. When you know, you know. Ya know? It sounds like a sales pitch. Take it from me, my wife and I bought a condo after seeing only six places. We just knew (we saw the place on our first day out).

In my career, this has happened a few times... the first one, is the one. Any stories out there of this phenomenon? Did you lose a property because you denied the feeling? It's worse than losing your first love!!

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