Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Second baths... O-VER RA-TED! Clap clap...clap clap clap

Just a quick question... would you drop the second bath for the right location? Okay, I know this is tough for many markets to conceive... so this is more for the city people with good condo markets and lots of choices.

In Chicago, we have the BIG requests... Two bed, two bath, parking, good outdoor space (deck, balcony, patio), in unit washer/dryer, near transportation (the "L" train preferably).
Which one would go first on this list? As it gets tougher to get into choice neigbhborhoods in the city, I suggest, if you can't fit into a certain price point with everything you want... drop the second bath. Of course, you hope to get a double vanity if you only have one bath... but, this is not always the case.

For instance in many condos, the second or half bath doesn't even make sense... should have been a closet! Plus, you do not plan on raising a family there and rarely have more than two people in the home at most times.

So, are second baths over-rated compared to the other must-haves?

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