Saturday, December 16, 2006

What's in a meme?

In this ever evolutionary world of blogging, I have been presented with a term coined with social evolutions in mind. Meme. Blogging amongst real estate professionals is somewhat a meme (rymes with theme). Well, "blog" may be a meme and "google" is... a phrase, concept or song that can be trasmitted, passed on... but become more than the term or song initially was intended to the generations to follow. Like legs... they didn't start out that way, people.

For instance, there was search engines, searching the web, and search engine optimization before google. But google became the search... the optimization... the liguistic phrase that is deeper than the act of google-ing. It means much and will for a long time as it evolves (or declines to invisibility in an eventual supernova). It evolves and can evole positive to the species or detrimental to the conception.

So, I was tagged by my Sensei Geno to pass the meme of 5 things most people don't know about me...ya know what I mean?

1. Growing up, both my parents passed by the time I was eleven... mom got the job done with me early, so I turned out okay (jury is still out). It sounds sad, but it's really not meant to be. However, most people don't know this fact.

2. I started a three piece punk band after high school, evolved into a 7 piece ska band named The Executives, played drums and sang. We toured the midwest and even hit Toronto and NYC. Quit the band I started 6 years later and never played in a band again. I quickly learned it was a lot harder to get chicks when you're not in a band.

3. Although very independent (and preceived as confident?) in my day to day, I value loyal relationships with friends to a fault. None exist from my youth which was troubling, but I have enjoyed more of them lately while stabalizing a bit over the past several years in marriage and career. When I help people at the office (and when I helped fellow students at the university for that matter), it's an effort towards forging loyal, lasting relationships... which are very enjoyable to me.

4. Numbers...I proposed to my wife after only knowing her for 3 months. We were married in 14 months; I 26, she 23. We moved 4 times in our first 5 years of marriage. Jill's 6 months pregnant (okay, everyone knows this) and it's my 1st child.

5. I have a healthy fear of snow skiing, scuba diving, heights and failure. These traits may have influenced my existence as a land-loving, city boy, Realtor.

This was off the top off my head and the tip of my tongue… only to tag and pass on the meme to the next unfortunate ones:

Rebecca, Ben, Jeff, Dewita, and John.. what 5 things don't we know about you?

Happy holidays!

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