Friday, November 09, 2007

Bike the drive... I-355 style. Or, "I can't drive I-355!"

As long as I'm on the subject of cycling...

The long awaited for some, and bemoaned by others, south extension of I-355 is set to open. The only reason I know, or care, about this is my in-laws live in Lemont, IL. It's a growing burg on a rolling hillside once know for it's bad water quality in the past (according to a health study my wife did in college).

Lemont now is a really great place to live. There is a good variety of single family home stock, a new giant condo and town home development downtown, a continued growth is quality retail and restaurants (someone beat me to opening a boutique wine shop in the downtown) and a Metra stop.
Speaking of living there, my mother-and-law has been making the case for Jillian and I to buy a house there for years. I told them we'll move next door when we can turn their house into an old folks home for them and my parents... with hired help.

And now Lemont has the south extension of I-355. See the only way in and and out of Lemont really (to the highways) was Lemont Rd., which bottlenecked at the bridge. Now my father-and-law can cruise the open highway just outside there sub-division they built in just over 7 years ago.

So, hurry on over to the great southwest and bike I-355 on Sunday.

You may hear a chorus of
"I can't drive I-355!"

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