Friday, November 16, 2007

HGTV House Hunters on a Friday night

Awesome Friday night here for The Chicago Real Estate Local (T-CREL for you rookies). With an eight-month-old baby and a wife out at an extended happy hour (She's FREE!), HGTV and an Old Style is as good as it gets for a Chicago Realtor. It's my window to the world.

House Hunters is a pretty good show in that it clues you in for "what you get for the money" in different areas across the country. However, the client/real estate agent relationship is always so flat and ridiculous. The show also suggests it "takes you behind the scenes" as folks decide to buy a place or not. That's a stretch. You basically see them walk in a place and the agent points and says... "carpet on the floors".

They should make that part a little more realistic... trying to find a longer and more typical client/agent relationship while actually showing the decisions that have to be made. I know my relationships can be business like, friendly, or even really intense. But they are always more warm and involved than on House Hunters.

Secondly, I wish they would give a little more context concerning the area and market surrounding the homes. It would be a great boost to the areas I think.

I'm writing this because; 1. I'm lame, and 2. I just saw this episode about a couple who buys a modest second home in Italy. It was actually pretty interesting and inspiring.

I don't know if any of you saw the Chicago episode... now that was lame.


Eric Rojas said...

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Anonymous said...

You never mentioned what you didn't like about the Chicago show?