Saturday, November 24, 2007

Roscoe Village and North Center for under $700K...60657 and 60618

I am working with a couple single family home buyers that live in Lakeview. They would like a single family home for under $700K. I feel the best combination of neighborhood, price and best quality homes can be found in Roscoe Village.

The fall and winter months can be a good time to pick up a deal. Without sounding too much like a salesperson, the facts are just there. At this time of year you can find a few situations. First, you have homes that were well overpriced or in "non-showing" condition that went on in the spring. They missed that market and now need to sell at a reasonable price. A strong buyer with good finances and quick closing date can demand a good price on a single family home.

Second, you have builders and re-habbers looking to get there product off the books before year's end. This can be a good time to get upgrades or closing money to purchase the home.

And third, you have the new listing gems. These are sellers that decide they need to sell for any number of reasons; They received a new job that starts early next year... they have a new child on the way... they can't handle their payments. Whatever the reason, they simply list a nice home for a good price with less competition on the market. You have to be ready for these. If you have looked at many single family homes with me, and the new guy just looks awesome for the price... it probably is awesome for the price.

I see this happening in Roscoe Village in the 60657 and 60618 zip codes. There are several single family homes carried over from the spring in the boundaries of Belmont to Addison, Ashland to Western. This area has move -in -ready single family homes with two car garages, yards, good interiors and some updates for under $700,000. There are a few row home opportunities as well.

And don't count out new listings. There are a few homes that just hit market in the last three days.

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