Friday, November 02, 2007

Chicago furniture stores... not all the same

One of my favorite stops in Lincoln Square is Northern Home Furnishings. It's a real mix of furniture, but the best pieces are a sort of reserved modern style... German, Danish, Scandinavian.

Jill and I have purchased a terrific bed and dresser there for our guest room. It was our master set in our last condo, but now looks better in our guest room. My flat screen T.V. stand is from there. Recently, I popped in and found several new lamps that just came in... I'd been looking for some affordable cool lamps for our duplex for awhile. I picked out four different styles that really look great in the house.
Prices can be very competitive.

In fact we just picked up a new tall kitchen table with stools for $199! It looks higher-end, great color and the quality is terrific for an eat-in kitchen table. They ordered several of them as a promotional piece and they flew out the door. Seriously, I'm not cheap when it comes to furniture. The table actually looks and feels good.

It's a privately owned store (say hi to Michael and Helmut), so when picking up a good volume of furniture, make sure you bargain a bit. Also, they deliver and set up for free.

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