Sunday, November 04, 2007

Chicago Tribune Real Estate Section

I love grabbing the Chicago Real Estate Section from the Tribune on my way out the door. Lately, I've slowed down enough to even sit and read it with a cup of coffee in the morning (I admit to giving another good blogger a hard time for actually reading a "print" newspaper rather than going online!).

But the truth is, he’s right. There’s not much better things than reading the real estate sections on Sunday in your favorite place at home. Mine being my kitchen hightop table...

I believe they truly feature stories that can set you on the right path when considering buying or selling a home. You can always skip the section and ask me, but maybe you like the Sunday paper too. More important still are the articles that deal with condo associations and mortgage finance.

For instance, one of the more interesting stories today concerned how folks are dealing with getting mortgages... and those who are providing options.

It seems that IRA holders are getting into the loan shark game to "fill the gap" on portions of mortgages. Just don't borrow from the guy named Joe Bag of Doughnuts....

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