Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Cub's President traded to Chicago Blackhawks

Well, sort of. John McDonough sees the writing on the wall and jumps to the Blackhawks. Hmmmmm... the sale of the Cubs should happen sometime next year so this is definately not the last move at the Wrigleyville compound.

Most of us Chicago natives and sports fans grew up loving the Blackhawks. They lost me two years after the 1992 Stanley Cup Fnals where the Hawks were swept by one of the greatest single teams ever (The Pittsburg Penguins). The year after they were swept in the first round by St. Louis... then they let the farm go. All my favorite players gone one-by-one.

The Blackhawks have a pretty exciting young team, new owner (the son of late Bill Wirtz) and now fresh blood in the front office. It's good to be talking about them again.

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