Friday, October 01, 2010

Every North Side Chicago street is under construction

From western Lincoln Park to northern Lincoln Square, the city streets are under construction! Bob walks and takes the trains as much as possible, so he avoided delays from the water main construction near Fullerton and Wayne in Lincoln Park.

My wife just commented this week that her regular short commute to Lincoln Park has been longer than usual. There are major street-scape improvement projects on West Irving Park Road, West Lawrence Avenue and North Clark Street in and around the 47th Ward (parts Lincoln Square, Ravenswood and Northcenter). Coupled with repairs on north Ashland Avenue, she has nowhere to go!

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Anonymous said...

Try driving to/from the 'burbs everyday. Every main east-west street from Foster to Belmont is under construction.
Metra is out of the question, as the reverse commute is not easily accommodated.