Friday, October 01, 2010

Trader Joe's, Domicile coming to Lincoln Park Chicago

At the crux of Lake View and Lincoln Park, Bob has been keeping tabs on yet another construction site...he believes that this is a 3 story structure from reading the permit out front, TJ’s on 1st level and Domicile will house the top 2 floors with 2 football field’s of furnishings based on a poster he saw. This is a perfect fit for the neighborhood and should make Diversey, Clark and Broadway impossible to drive through!

(Correction, Trader Joes will be ground floor with parking above...big Domicile next door).

It will be great to have Domicile back near our office just around the corner in Lincoln Park. I use to shop at the old store located across the street often and have my favorite micro-fiber storage bench we bought years ago.


Sandra said...

A bit of a correction on your posting. Trader Joe's is coming and the building will have the store on the first level and the upper levels will be parking.

If Domicile is coming it will likely be in the former Barnes and Noble store. Urban Outfitters will be moving from Clark Street and occupying the former Pier 1 space.

Parking for Trader Joe's will be off Orchard which currently is one way going North. Parking will be removed from one side of the street and Orchard will be two ways from Diversey to the alley. Orchard and Diversey will have a street light.
A technical correction...these stores will technically be in Lincoln Park. The south Side of Diversey is Lincoln Park and the 43rd Ward and the north side of the street is Lakeview and the 44th ward.

Eric Rojas said...

Thanks for the updates. Divesey is tricky, my old office at 916 West Diversey was west of Halsted and the north side of Diversey but in "Lincoln Park" 60614 zip code.

In any event, I think this retail will thrive at this location.