Thursday, October 21, 2010

Is Chicago ready for "green" parking?

In a LEED effort, the "green vehicle" preferred parking sign at my new Dominick's reads "We've reserved parking spots for low-emission and fuel-efficient vehicles."

I see a Ford F150, GMC Denali, a V8 Dodge Durango, a Pontiac Grand Am and I think that's a Lincoln Town Car parked over the sidewalk.

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matrix2004 said...

The security guard directing traffic in the lot motioned me to park in a LEED spot the first time i was there. So i'm assuming this is a directive from the store manager.

Eric Rojas said...

Ha, this "green vehicle" is a hot button topic. I'm sure they were doing everything they could to accommodate patrons on the grand opening rush.

On normal days though, it's a tough sell to the public and not enforceable. Personally, I think close spots should be reserved for those with real disabilities or the elderly...not for those with the dough to buy a hybrid.

I applaud Dominick's for making a green effort, but the preferred parking thing is not worth the guilt trip or alienating good patrons.