Friday, October 22, 2010

Five reasons to buy a house in Bowmanville

The Bowmanville neighborhood is located on the northern edge of the Lincoln Square Chicago community area. The boundaries of the neighborhood according to the Bowmanville Community are "Ravenswood Avenue, Foster Avenue, Western Avenue and Rosehill Cemetery". Foster is at 5200 North block of the Chicago grid.

Here's Five Reasons to Buy a House in this often overlooked, but very pleasant North Side neighborhood.

1. House prices: Over the past 12 months the median price of a single family home in Bowmanville is about $465,000. That will get you a nicely maintained three bedroom two story house on a standard or larger lot (usually with a great yard!). Compare that with the Lincoln Square area just south of Foster with a median home price of about $550,000 and you're already saving money just a few blocks north. Bowmanville also has full renovated and new construction luxury homes up to the $800,000 or so price range.

If you are done with condo life, there is real value in single family homes in Bowmanville. There are often opportunities to buy at lower prices and renovate homes well within market price thresholds. Regardless of the investment aspect, you can mold your own home for your own needs in a beautiful urban setting.

Typical "pride of ownership" in Bowmanville:

2. Shopping and dining: Bowmanville is bordered by a variety of grocery stores (including the new "green" Dominick's at Lincoln and Foster). You are an easy walk to the main Andersonville retail and dining meccas on Clark Street or Lincoln Avenue in Lincoln Square. There are plenty of cool small bars, eateries and businesses nearby along North Damen Avenue and along West Balmoral. You are a quick drive to larger retail like Border's or Home Depot just northwest on Lincoln Ave. Homeowners with families are really surprised by the convenience of these retailers.

3. Pretty and Quiet: Bowmanville is tucked between much retail and amenities, but remains a quiet little village with some superb gardens and landscaping. The streets are lined with mature trees. There are some unique small blocks with cottage homes on irregular lots... one neat little stretch of North Bell Avenue reminds me of some old weathered neighborhood houses on Martha's Vineyard!

4. Community: The neighborhood certainly has an identity and civic pride, but is also laid back. The area opens their homes up to a Garden Walk... what better way to meet your neighbors?! The neighborhood association has a handful of annual events for adults and children.

5. Transportation: Commuters to downtown like the Ravenswood Metra stop and Damen Brown Line train (about a mile or so away). There are plenty of bus routes on Foster and Western to bridge the gaps to hip neighborhoods and retail destinations. Driving to the highways just west, North Shore and northern suburbs is rather decent too. When driving south towards downtown, Lake Shore Drive and Ashland Avenue are best bets.

Is it time for you to own a single family home? Call or email us... we'll find value in some great neighborhoods and help you plan smart, realistic renovations.

Typical Bowmanville block:

Unique lot, top of the line bungalow:

Great example of an updated, expanded cottage along side an original. Both well kept. You can do A LOT with a $500,000 budget here.

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