Monday, October 11, 2010

Sex sells real estate (but not YOUR home listing)

We're clearly too sexy to sell your home!

Bored to Death? How about bored in North Carolina? Mary Umberger writes in an article for Inman News about a Realtor couple posing in sexy photo shoots for their North Carolina luxury listings. Seems their little "lifestyle campaign" has stirred up controversy in the real estate industry down there. It doesn't take much I guess! The couple brags about how their web site has gotten a ton of hits and now a reality film crew is following them around.. the pilot is about "them". No numbers on how many of their clients' home listings have sold due to the publicity. It looks like they had a nice business already, so things must be getting a little tight lately for this type of gimmick.

I think their idea is great for them. They may get some personal buyer clients or get their foot in another career. However, I'm not sure I'd want the buyer clients that are interested in working with me due to my own lame lingerie photo shoot. Understand that it won't have an impact on selling your home. If someone can afford a "luxury home" in your market, chances are a cheesy photo shoot won't influence them to buy your house... they are living the real fantasy already! And other gimmicks won't work either.

The best way to sell property is price, condition of the home and proper exposure on the MLS relative to your market. Bob and I have sold a few properties this year in less than a week even before photos were up (sexy photos or not) because the properties were priced great for the location and the first buyers that showed up made offers. Our value as Realtors is not in a couple's in the real consultation that takes place before, during and after your property transaction. We offer definitive resources and answers that will save you money and make your life easier.

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