Wednesday, October 26, 2011

NEW! Winnemac Park Neighbors Block Club (Area 2 of 47th Ward Council)

What: Winnemac Park Neighbors block club, Area 2 in the 47th Ward Council

Where: Boundaries in Ravenswood are Damen to Western, Lawrence to Foster (and nearby interested neighbors Wolcott, Winchester etc.)  

Contact: Eric Rojas,

Meeting: The first 47th Ward Council meeting open to all neighbors is Thursday October 27th at 6:45PM. Ravenswood United Church of Christ, 2050 W Pensacola.  The Alderman has invited all ward residents to attend the first Ward Council meeting.

I've been initially selected to represent Area 2 in the Ward Council from a group of neighbors that expressed interested in the Ward Council initiative. The representative meets regularly with the Alderman to communicate accomplishments and concerns. Once the Winnemac Park Neighbors is up a running, we may want to select a new representative if their is interest from the larger group to do so.

If you are interested in connecting with local neighbors and live in or near the Area 2 boundaries, please send your name and email to my contact listed above.  We will schedule a meeting soon and will encourage members on the email list to invite neighbors to the block club meeting. We've already had a great response.

Goals of the first Winnemac Park Neighbors meeting will be to form a basis for communications (blog site, Google group or some other means) and to explore a few committees such as "Schools", "Parks" and "Businesses".

We hope future goals and mission statement will be to promote and strengthen our Area 2 schools, participate in the care for Winnemac Park, and positively "brand" our location as a #1 place to live in Chicago (it already is!).

We also greatly encourage those neighbors connected to Friends of Winnemac Park, The Park Advisory Board, Chappell School, McPherson School and other institutions in our boundaries to contact us.

Eric Rojas

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