Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Southport Corridor: The graystone homes on North Magnolia

The last single family home to sell on the block was 3707 N Magnolia in September for $1.35 million.  

Graystones homes, in our experience, consistently receive a premium price over brick homes of comparable condition.  The 3600 and 3700 blocks of North Magnolia in Southport Corridor may have one of the most continuous stretches of original graystone facades of any blocks in the Lakeview neighborhood and on the North Side. It gives the street a very pleasing and special historic feeling.

These photos we took last week are just a handful of the many buildings lining each side of the blocks...almost all the single family home conversions and thoughtful restorations of the multi-units have kept the original facades.

These blocks become more and more special and desired as other streets become more of a mixed bag of new construction, rehabs and existing homes in either good or dilapidated condition and in various styles.

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