Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Modern, fun details in Lakeview converted loft space

The North Ravenswood Avenue mixed residential and commercial corridor is always good for flashes of interesting architecture, gardening or art. Many home renovations and new construction projects continually change the landscape. It's makes a terrific walk or ride.

These converted loft homes at the 3900 block of North Ravenswood in Lakeview (1754 W Byron) is one of many commercial spaces made residential along the Ravenswood corridor spanning western Lakeview, Ravenswood and western Edgewater neighborhoods. The original and huge commercial garage, red entry door and cool fence are a few details that keep your eyes moving.
Large windows and doors face the outdoor space.  Great fence!

The building was sold in 2001 for $636,750.  The property was renovated into two units.  Two years later in 2003 Unit B (a two story, two bedroom large loft) was sold.  I found this interior photo of one of the units by the developer group.

I've passed these homes dozens of times.  For years, I thought it was a single family home conversion. In any event, it's a fine example of the creative license North Ravenswood Avenue has afforded both residential and commercial property owners.  You never know what you'll find inside the properties.

North Ravenswood Avenue homes are framed by the green of the Metra track embankments.
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