Monday, October 10, 2011

Photos: "1225 Old Town" new construction rises, keeps old face

1225 Old Town development looking south at dusk

We've been showing properties in Old Town over the last month and took some photos of the 1225 Old Town new construction development along the way. You can also read construction news and updates at Curbed Chicago HERE  and past stories at

In these photos taken last Thursday along the 1200 block of North Wells Street below you can see the preservation and "re-use" of the old Grossinger Cadillac facade.  It was an interesting decision to keep the ornate, almost Gothic, architecture considering it's not a landmark building and the newest renderings of the building are much more more contemporary than the original drawings.    

1225 Old Town  development retains old facade

1225 Old Town development facade

All photos Eric Rojas and Robert DePalma, Real Estate Brokers unless otherwise noted.  Read more Old Town posts HERE

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