Friday, October 14, 2011

Ravenswood new construction houses on North Hamilton

A new construction home is being built at 4942 N Hamilton in Ravenswood.  Its a great block steps from Winnemac Park.  The original home was bought in December 2010 last year for $391,000. The new owners have torn down the old property and are building new.

  You can see a photo from of the original house below. 

The original house at 4942 N Hamilton sold for $391,000 last year (

Looking down North Hamilton Ave. north to Winnemac Park

Winnemac Park this fall.  4942 N Hamilton is a half block away.

A developer purchased a vacant lot just south at 4843 N Hamilton in August for $245K.  The new construction speculation home is being offered at offered at just over $1 million.

New construction and renovation opportunities remain very popular in Lincoln Square and Ravenswood.  You can find more affordable opportunities in Lincoln Square for new build or renovations just north of Lawrence and get still get fantastic location and lifestyle. Nice re-sale "move -in" homes can be bought from about $425,000 and up in the immediate neighborhood.  

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